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Happy Humday Loves, I'm Feeling Awesome. How Are You?

Good afternoon My loves I hope this blog post finds you in great spirits and  enjoying a lovely spring day  just as I am. Myself I got up a little later than normal today and started My  day with a smile.

It's been a week  since I posted but this  time it was on purpose  and for a VERY   good reason. I missed you guys but  I had the best  time ever in the last week. It's like I took a break from Sapphire to  focus on  Melony for a week. From last Thursday morning  until Sunday afternoon I had My  son home with Me. That meant no website, no phone sex, no webcam and I enjoyed it, no lie. it's been way too long since My son spent  some time home and now that the house is ready I hope he will be here much more often.

Easter  just passed and  it was a  great day, we  were looking good in our matching cream and brown outfits. I've been  busy since the little one  went home Sunday afternoon. Monday I recorded volumes 6 and 7 of the Sexy Sapphire Chronicles. I'm  editing part 6 now and will post it online before the day is over. Even though part 7 is ready I'm going to wait until Saturday to upload it. If you haven't  seen parts 1 -5 of The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles you can catch them on My daily motion at
or don't want you to be left out.

I hope you're not missing out, the  newest edition of of 86 Blvd Magazine came out  last week and its "The naughty Girl Edition"  in honor of the  naughtiness inside My  erotic story featured is called "Naughty Girl Gets A Spanking." This issue is a 2 part edition and My story is in part  2. I hope you  get you a copy and let  Me know if you enjoyed My story. The magazine is available in  print and  digital  as well.

I'm  back available  for  cam shows if you  book them in advance by emailing Me or  hitting Me on skype  to  reserve a  time. My skype Id is SexySapphire410 and My  email is Custom videos are also available, I cater to masturbation,  pee, poop, foot fetishes and femdom  customers so  don't be afraid to contact Me to  book My time or get your  very own  video.

Speaking of  videos  check out these sexy videos  showing off My lovely lady hump and Me  humping around and remember, IF YOU GET TIRED OF WATCHING THESE FREE  VIDEOS there's always many more in My online store at on My membership site at as well as My rude page at You can also  click on the widget below the videos.

Do you  want to see even more? I have plenty  right below, click the  links  to check out some of My PREVIOUS  Hump Day  blog posts.


My Babies I Miss You But I'm So Sick

Good evening My loves I hope this blog post finds you in great spirit with a  smile on your face and nice and warm. It's been cold as fuck the last few days. I Myself am still sick.

I've been fighting this cold  for  almost 9 days now, coughing like crazy and nose running and draining something horrible. I can  handle the  cold symptoms but as you know I've had  serious problems with My teeth for some time. I've  been  fighting off an abcess on My gums for the last  three days. I wanted to go to the hospital  yesterday  but I couldn't  because it stormed so bad. I had no ride and I was not about to head out in that storm. In fact, I'll be honest, I've been straight fucked the last few days. I paid all My bills and got My son Easter stuff and then  got SICK. I haven't worked in almost 2 weeks and not only have I been sick I was too broke to even do the things I needed for Myself. Thankfully one of you wonderful fans sent Me a few dollars  and I was able to get some of the things I needed. If there was ever a time I needed your prayers help and donations it's now loves.

I  went to the hospital today so at least now I have the medicine I need to try to knock whatever this infection is  out of Me and  get these abcesses out My mouth. I've been  doing a lot of  laying around, thinking and feeling  blue.  I  didn't want to come by and depress you but I didn't want a whole week to go by again without Me updating. As much as possible I try to  stop through My instagram and  facebook pages though, it's not like I've been able to do much more  in over a week. By the way the new issue of Eighty6 Blvd is out and  its a TWO PART edition. My  new story "Naughty Girl Gets a Spanking" is in part two and available now at

The photos in today's  blog are from last weekend and  I hope u enjoy the videos My love. I'm dog  tired and just finished  putting My rollers in, I actually have to drag My sick ass out in the morning, sick or not, mommy duty doesn't stop and it's spring break. Love ya'll. Kisses.

OMG It's Spring. I'm Springing My Ass Back Into Action

Good afternoon My loves I  hope this blog post finds you in great spirits and enjoying this beautiful  spring day as I am. I'm glad to say I'm enjoying this day  because for the last week I've been sick as hell.

I didn't even realize it  had been 9 whole days since I last  updated the  blog but since this time last week I've been laid up  like  shit. And  while I'm feeling  much better  and  moving around a hell of a lot better I'm still kind of  ill. I've been steady  coughing like shit as well as dealing with a runny/stuffy nose that  just wont  quit. It  hasn't stopped Me  from looking adorable this week though as you can see. I wish I could say I have a lot to catch you up on but seriously, I've been sick as  hell, I haven't done much.

I am however excited because the  new  issue of Eighty6 Blvd Magazine is  dropping next week on the 14th and  My newest  story " Naughty Girl Gets a Spanking" is  so  hot. I will  give you an excerpt in My  next blog  post  but as you can  see the mag cover is as hot as always. I so love writing for them. In fact, My new peace,  the change in weather and  some  people I  been watching have Me ready to really write more. I got a book of writing exercises to  help Me explore My writing. Can I confess I'm a little nervous? I don't know why, I've  never failed at anything so I don't know why I fear being a failure except because its something I actually want and not something I lucked into.

Speaking of things I lucked in to, this weekend  is  Exxxotica Atlantic City. I went back and forth with a friend about going but I ended up not going. Honestly  though I was only gong if it was a social thing for Me. I wasn't interested in it for the same business purposes as before. I have a few friends up there though and My wifey of course is  kicking ass there. If you're in the  New Jersey area or close enough to  drive its open to the  public and  you can  get all info  at

You know I  have a daily newspaper, you see  reference to it with the widget in the sidebar over there but  it   is  really an awesome thing. It  features music models and  porn on a daily basis. And while I will be bringing information  from there to here like  about the convention you will really  miss out if you don't check it out for yourself. You can  even subscribe to get it daily. >>>

I know  you  looking to see some  ass or tits or something in  motion. I got you,  Check out the videos below and I will be back  next week  with  new videos and part six of the Sexy Sapphire Chronicles.

When I'm  done blogging I  gotta get changed into something cute. It's gorgeous out and I invited My  sweetie from DC to  hang with Me this evening. I'm taking hm down the harbor, it's too nice not to  go. First real warm day of spring I just have to.  Besides sitting around on My ass is a little hard today, I hurt My asshole yesterday doing a cam show. and  speaking of cam shows I know I  don't be on the cam sites as much I mainly cater to private clients via skype these days I accept payment through niteflirt, green dot , western union and money gram all shows are $3 a minute paid up front EXCEPT anal which is extra..... wanna know more? to book session or ask questions

Lollipop Lollipop Sticky Fun Time

Hey My loves,  Good  evening. I hope this  blog post  finds you in great spirits and  relaxing with a smile after a long day. I Myself  am in  great spirits. I had the most relaxing day and now I'm  writing to My favorite people.

I had a really good  day today, it was peaceful as hell. I woke up early after passing out on the couch last night. Five am found Me editing My new video and watching the news with a morning  blunt. By  10 am I  had gotten My morning promo done and eaten a good breakfast of  french toast and  bacon and some morning sex and I was  sleep again I was supposed to be going to lunch with My sweetie but was expecting rain and I was achy  I popped 2 pills and slept from 11  something til 4 pm on the couch. I woke up My house was clean, kitchen floor mopped and all,  dishes reorganized in cabinets, blunts rolled and was like wtf. I been feeling  very spoiled lately.

Since I've been  woke I watched  some  tv, ate and  smoked while laying around on the couch. Lazy day right. My friend  left a while ago and I've been  vegging out. I got that  longer version of the  free anal and vaginal masturbation video ready for  you and  will be  posting it  on the following sites as soon as I finish this  blog

I have  so much work to catch up on, I've been  lazier than normal. I have videos to edit, photos to put together and stories to  write. My newest story "Naughty Girl gets a spanking will be released later this month in Eighty6 Blvd Magazine's "Naughty Girl Behavior" edition. I can't wait. I've  gone  from being overwhelmed to almost standing  still while I  figure out My next move. There's no harm in waiting though, plenty  of good things happen when you take time to  plan your next move  wisely.

I got  a  hot  lollipop  video  below  for you. I hope you enjoy the lollipop  photos accompanying them. I plan to  do an  updated video similar to this but instead of  a big lollipop I  bought something different but  it looks just as fun. When I was younger I loved Ring Pops and while I thought about shoving one up in My twat before I've never  done it.... but I plan to.

Well it's late, almost 11 pm  so let Me  get My behind  in gear. I want to lay back and relax. My back is  killing Me today and  while I love you guys, sitting up at My computer is bothering Me right now.  I'll be back tomorrow with some more  hotness. kisses My loves sweet dreams of Me and REMEMBER there's always more of Me available at

Are You Ready To See Me Go Nuts?? NEW VIDEO INSIDE

Good afternoon My loves, I hope this blog post finds you in great spirits and  enjoying this beautiful spring day. I Myself and  feeling  wonderful. Lately I've  been floating on cloud nine.

I tell you,  going celibate and  cutting off some of My lovers was the best thing I could have done for Myself. It really afforded Me some time to  get back to who I am and what makes Me  happy which allowed Me to be able to see things and people in a different light. I have become such a different person in the last month and it was a planned effort. I have not accomplished all of the goals that I set for Myself, however  I have  achieved enough of a difference in My lifestyle that I am pleased with Myself and happy to start April off with the same positive attitude.

I had a good weekend, it rained so I didn't  do much. Saturday I spent in the house, half of the day with one of My lovers and the other half passed out on the couch. Sunday  I went to church as usual and  then  dinner with My best friend. I  rested most of yesterday but I did  get that new  video online for you.

I'm  about to start getting ready for therapy soon but wanted to blog  first. So check out this  hot new video with  vaginal and anal  action below. The whole  video will be available in My store at and soon. For now  click the links and check out all My other hot  vids .

T.G.I.F. Means Thank Goodness I'm Fucking

Good evening My loves, I hope this blog post finds you in great spirits and winding  down from a great day. I know its spring now, the ice cream truck  just went by. I Myself am  having an ok day. It's been  semi productive, fun and tonight it's getting hot.

I've had a pretty decent  day today. I  went to bed  late  but I slept  til after  8 and  stayed n bed  until  about 10 am so I  was nice and rested. I  probably would have still been in bed if a friend hadn't called and  offered to bring Me breakfast. Not being much of a breakfast person I suggested lunch food since they would be arriving after 11 am  anyway.  That was  a go so I showered, dressed, curled My hair and waited for  him. We ate and  talked for about 3 hours before I got so turned on I  just HAD to start flirting and  playing with him.

It  got kind of intense I admit and he  put Me in My bed and  gave Me a good spanking. it was so hot I couldn't stop thanking  him.  Afterwards  he  used My  big vibrator on Me makign Me  cum over and over.  And then I asked if I could suck his dick to say thank you. This guy and I have such a weird relationship because I want him to own Me in so many ways. Maybe I will tell you more details another time about  how we interact but anyway. He said no and made Me  beg him for it and chase the dick with My mouth which only turned Me on so much more. I ended up hanging upside down off My bed sucking his dick while he fucked My face and throat. It was so damn  awesome and then he came all over My tits and  face. It  was so amazing. I get a feeling from sexual shit with him that I havent had with anyone since Daddy.

When he  finally  left after we talked for another hour or so  I started doing some work which including something VERY special for you guys. It won't be on the blog until Monday but I PROMISE it's worth it. I  put together a nice FREE 7 minute video  from My newest 30 minute video. It includes vaginal and anal masturbation. the longer version will be  in the membership area and  on My  clips store and rude  next week as well.

You would have thought I'd have had  My fun for the day but I haven't. TGIF Means thank Goodness I'm Fucking today because I woke up and decided I wanted to have sex tonight So even though I sucked My friend off My day is NOT over. I invited  a friend to come spend the night with Me and dick Me  down  good. I'm just in that mood. I've had way too much  on My mind this week and I just want to release as much tension as I can....all over his YES I  will ride your face then scoot down and cum on  your chest. I do shit like that.

So its  after 8 p.m and I  need to get showered again and changed. I'm going to  say good night and  I hope your night is as good as the one I got planned lol . MUAH.

Are You Kinky Enough? Am I Too Kinky? Is There A Limit?

Hey My loves  I hope this  blog  post  finds you in great spirits and  with a smile on your face and a hard on in your pants. I  Myself am tired but well. I  had a long  but not too busy day. 

I'm  running kind of slow today because  I'm  a day behind in sleep. I got almost  no sleep Tuesday  night and  then got caught up in some craziness that disrupted My whole day almost yesterday. I will tell you more about it another day but not too much past what happened publicly because I'm taking legal action against the person. BUT NO WORRIES, NO ONE WAS HARMED. But  having My  yesterday all thrown threw My day off today I think because I  moved slowly all day. My plans  for today were to get some real  work done this morning and then chill with one of My foot fetish friends before going out to eat . I never  made it out to eat and  other than this blog and putting together a video I didn't accomplish much of anything today. I DID cook dinner but haven't  even had a chance to eat yet.

So  I  had a experience recently that made Me wonder  about  kink and if I was  too kinky or if  dudes these  days  are not kinky enough. So I was hanging out with one of My lovers and we were  chilling at My house and I was  cleaning  and I  decided to  clean My  dildos and  sex  toys and  put them in a different bag because I wanted to throw away the suitcase that I  originally had them in. The look of amazement  on his face as I pulled out toy after  toy blew My mind. I was like  what? you're grown dammit  don't you use  toys on  the  women you fuck with? He looked at Me like I was talking Chinese. I FELT like I was  speaking Chinese. I started  showing him and explaining the different toys and what did  what and  why  it looked the same but was different. And then I  tried to get him to pick up one of My toys and he freaked out. He  was like its a dick lol a male part. I don't want to touch that. So I told him that he couldn't  sleep with Me again  until he  has  used My big  black dildo  on Me  for punishment for being so prudish.

That  got Me to thinking, this poor man  probably won't last long  around  Me. If  sex toys scared this poor man  I don't  know what he  going to  do when I start  trying to introduce the other  kinky  shit that I'm in to like golden showers, bdsm, and  role play lol remember in My  deepest fantasies I'm a happy little 8  year old girl with My Daddy as My best  friend and lover.  I haven't  even told him about that. I mentioned  how I like knife play and  he almost went  pale. I  thought it  was hilarious. Sometimes I forget that I've been there done that but damn at the same time I be like aren't people doing  wild shit too?

I meet  way too many men  who  say they have never had a threesome, hell I've been having threesomes since I was sixteen. Then there are too many  who say that they  have never  cum  from  head, dudes  who are scared  of  eating pussy and ass still. I just don't get it. But that's Me. I'm weird, I've  been having  wild and crazy sex  since I was  fifteen, I've even had  sex with a loaded  gun to My  head. I'm wondering  have I crossed the lines here? Like am I  too damn kinky or  is it that  others aren't kinky enough. I want a man that  can  hang, one that's  kinky and especially into the bdsm lifestyle. Hell you all know I need a Daddy  not  a scardey cat lol thats  for  sure.  I think I'm going to  have to do some videos talking about kink and  maybe some polling to see what the hell is going on in your  bedrooms because to Me, and I might be wrong, it's not  enough  going on dammit. Where is the fun lol Do I need to start classes to teach these  chicks?

Would you believe I had a  video prepared to load here for  you and  I uploaded it to daily motion and by the  time I went  back to get it to load in  here for you they had deleted it. Weird I can be naked and   do stripteases and all but can't suck on a dildo  a little and talk kinky to you lol Oh well I will  try to  get one  done to upload to pornhub for  you guys.  My bad. I guess you will have to settle for an old video tonight but  know that I tried.  It's after midnight so I'm going to take My ass on. Kisses My loves.

yellow n black titty tuesday by bmoresjewel

Balloon Fun With Sexy Sapphire by bmoresjewel


I Think It's Time To Bring Back My Imaginary Friend...

Good  evening My loves I hope this  blog post finds you in great spirits and with a big  ol smile on your face happy as hell because Ive decided to update. I'm  tired as fuck today. I  barely got any sleep and woke up to bull shit.

Being  as though you know how weird I am I  feel  no harm in telling you that I had an imaginary friend until I was 16 or 17 years old. Not only that but I slept with a teddy bear  well into My twenties and  up until My senior year of  high school would take him with Me when I was having a particularly bad day and needed the extra comfort and support.

All the time I was in love with My teddy bear, Pinta and Willie, My  imaginary  friend I had  My diary and journals where I really expressed Myself. Having  no  supportive family and  no  real close friends I never had that camaraderie with  anyone where I felt like I had that best friend til I was 14 and met Terrell, My Boo Boo. We met in the weirdest of ways but he was  My best friend, you couldnt  tell Me we weren't split  at the hip. We maintained our friendship from 1994 til  today...except I havent heard from him in almost 2 years and it scares Me senseless. I think about My best friend almost every day. I need him and his damn name is so  common  search online does Me no good. I just keep hoping he will find his way to Me, he knows Im Sapphire, My facebook is under My government and I've had the same number since 2007.  I could sure use him now.

I've noticed that the people around Me want the best for Me.... when they're providing it or a part of it. I have a best friend who is a counselor yet I cant  go to him  to talk about shit  close to My heart because I  get a biased opinion. It sucks when you can';t  go t the person closest  to you. I've told you  guys more about Me in the last year than I've told My best friend and thats  sad. I've grown away from most of the people in My life and oddly its the people I  counted out who keep showing Me their value and support.

I realized it's time for Me to get back to writing seriously, not  just for work but  for Myself. I have no one to talk to and share with. SO it's time to get back to writing  because it gave Me an outlet.  I mean I love you guys but I don't want to share every  detail of every thing with you all but  I have no one in My real life to share with other than My therapist lmao so I guess its back to where I started....My diaries. Rereading Myself to understand Myself, praying and hoping that  understanding comes from it all. It's not easy changing your life but if it's worth it  to you you have to  give up some shit and embrace some  new shit.

I'm just wondering when I will get to embrace a friend who  just wants to see Me smile and I don't have to hide My life for them to smile..... I've been happy and peaceful lately in many aspects  of My life. I've also been spending time with someone new and the people  closest to Me  wouldn't have a clue  of how much time. Wouldn't have a clue of how this time makes me  feel because I no longer feel safe sharing because I have to worry how it  will affect our  relationship...... crazy because I'm not even sleeping with  a mf lol but  gotta justify  the people I  do sleep with to them ugh .

You ever  just want to run away from your life? Watching two men in a pissing contest over who got to buy Me breakfast Sunday morning was almost too much. I hate when I start feeling  backed in a corner and alone.... Well I think I  just needed  to come through and say I see a lot more action coming  to My poetry and writing blog. I'm  going to go find something to eat My stomach is killing Me. Kisses My loves

Fuck A Theme I'm Here, Let's Enjoy It

Good afternoon My loves I hope this  blog post finds you in great spirits and  enjoying a wonderful day. I Myself  am having a very productive  day. I was supposed to be with My son   today but forgot they were working on the water and hydrants outside. I made a  great day out of a bad start though, Again.

By the  time the water  came  back on  I had  watched maury, cleaned My room,  edited the  custom poop  video and  updated a few sites. Then  when water came back on I started tackling laundry. I've knocked out 2 loads  today,  dinner is almost finished cooing and  though I skipped breakfast , just made Myself a nice  lunch. I',m in great  spirits and kind of smiling too. My friend is back in town and I'm going to get to see him later. I'm on My cycle  which helps  because I wont be tempted to have sex again .

Now I have to cancel My foot fetish session  for tomorrow  because I will be  taking My son to the library instead. I'm kind of  glad I rescheduled, it was  sunny and  ind of  warm most of the  day today  until literally the moment I went to  get My clothes out the dryer, just then it was starting to rain. so I guess  that was  life  working in My  favor because otherwise I would have been just picking My  son up when the rain had started. Yay for Me  being home  and dry.

I finally got volume  five of The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles  up  online and u  can find it  right below. I felt the  need to really talk more in depth  about My  bisexuality and love  for women. I hope you enjoy.

The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles V5 I Like Girls by bmoresjewel

When I finish this  blog I'm  going to  eat FINALLY and then work on editing the  vaginal and anal  video I recorded yesterday. I want to get it up online for you  by tomorrow afternoon. I'm also  going to work on a new erotic story just for My fans. You might have noticed the title of  todays  blog is  "fuck a theme" that's on purpose. I have  found that at times there are things I want to blog about and I tell Myself  oh no it's titty Tuesday or I have to wait for a day that isn't  themed to  share. I don't like  feeling stifled  by a trend I'm no longer even into. I  don't need it to be Tuesday to show My tits, Thursday to show My ass or to be waiting to tell or show u  guys something because I'm waiting for an appropriate day. Like I told you guys already  we're  getting back to the core of Sapphire, not all this commercialism.

It's time to  stop being in a rut, step out my box and have fun. Do you now I've had the hardest time trying to figure out when to post My foot  stuff and other fetishes as well. well no more of Me trying to fit in that box I stuffed Myself in. It's spring, the weather is changing, My pain is improving daily. I can't wait to get  back to shooting regularly and having FUN

Let Me  leave  you something  sexy , a video before I leave you

frisky friday bodysuit tease by bmoresjewel

Hey Hey Hey Sapphy Came To Play

Good evening My loves I hope this  blog post finds you in great spirits and winding down from a long day. I Myself  am tired but well I've had a long  day and even though it got off to a bad start I  didn't let it get to Me and turned it into a great day.

Oddly I  invited a friend over last  night to watch movies til we fell asleep like we  have done before. The last time he came through we watched cartoons online til tired, he slept on the couch and I in My bed. In the morning I made us breakfast and we  chilled some more. SO when he  came  last night and fell asleep  damn near  as soon as arriving it didn't bother  Me much, but when   someone  keeps falling asleep and  then  wakes up like its your fault they have been sleep its annoying. He  dozed off enough time I told him I wouldn't wake him again. When he  fell asleep on  My futon in My  room I put a blanket over him and  got in bed. 

He woke up at  five a.m.  with an attitude  because  he had been sleep  all night. Furthermore he was upset that  he had slept on the futon alone and wanted to now  why I had left him alone ( like he wasn't supposed to sleep on the couch alone.) He was bothered  enough that he decided to  call a ride at  six in the morning  to  come get him. When his ride bailed he tried to smooth shit over which only pissed Me off more. I  told him he needed  to leave My house and sent him on about his way as the  sun came up.

After  I  got  him out I  started editing  volume  five of The Sexy Sapphire Chronicles, which I will be posting  in about a hour on Daily Motion and  tomorrow here, After that I showered and dressed ( on live  cam) and then headed out to western union. I  got an order for a new custom video last night ( yes I do  personal
videos, email Me ) and had to go pick up My money. I'm excited kind of because this is My very first poop video. Then it was back home to wait for a delivery and get changed. My camera  guy was scheduled to come by to shoot a  video for Me  for  My clips store and get a handjob ( paid for of course)

Once he was  gone I turned  My cams back on, rolled a blunt, ordered Me a gassy  dinner and sat down to write you guys. After I blog  I think I'm going to rest a little and pop a pain pill or two. My neck and shoulder are killing Me and I have  no one to rub Me tonight. I'm not complaining though, I could use some ME time after this long  day. When I wake up I have to finish working  on My  newest erotic  story " Naughty Girl Gets a Spanking" for the upcoming issue of Eighty Six Blvd Magazine.

Every  photo  in todays blog post was taken today  through out the  course of My day. There are even more  at and

How about  some  freakiness? Check out the  videos below

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Ebony Freak Sexy Sapphire shows off Ass and Pussy In Thigh Highs brought to you by PornHub

Stroking His Chocolate Dick With My Feet brought to you by PornHub