Marcus Aurelius' Top Ten Reasons Urban Models Fail

Now if you are NOT familiar with the name Marcus Aurelius or the logo on My above picture means nothing to you AND YOU MODEL OR ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER I'd really have to ask you where the hell you been. Way before I booked  Marcus for the first of our two shoots (One I booked him, the other he booked Me for Body magazine) he was on My hit list of photographers i just HAD to shoot with. he is one of the best in the urban glamour business. Not only has he shot the most high profile urban models, but his work has been featured all over the web and in print as well as in his own publication, Body Magazine, which is a national magazine sold in many states and the prison system as well.

Marcus recently started a facebook group for models and photographers alike. It is a place to not only connect but promote as well.  Check it out at I was in the group last week and noticed that Marcus posted something I found to be not only true but also a good guide for up and coming models. I wanted to share with you .

1. The Diva Attitude.

You're hot shit. You think you're the best thing urban modeling has seen in a long time. And you gonna let all of us know. The photographer should be honored to shoot you. The publication should be honored to print you. You're doing all of them a huge favor working with them. Truth is, nobody cares. Piss off enough people in the game, nobody will work with you. The same is true in Hollywood. Humble yourself. But don't be a fool.

2. Flaking.

Being a call no show will get you fired from ANY job. This shit aint no different. Especially if there's a studio rented, Makeup artist booked. Hair stylist hired. That's money wasted. You're fired. Goodbye.

3. Bad Fitness & Physical Appearance.

Um…You're a model right? What's the whole point if you don't keep your appearance up? The best looking models get the most requests and the most work. Period. You need to put out the BEST look possible, In your photos AND in real life. Photoshop wont help you at your live appearances. Go to the gym. Eat right. Be THAT chick.

5. Low Quality Of Work.

Unfair as it may sound, you are judged by the quality of photos you take. Even if the lack of quality is on the photographer you choose and not on you. The higher quality the photos, the better YOUR look. Even models who aren't as attractive can gain a few points if they shoot with the right photographer. This is more important than you may think. So skip the TFCD mentality. This also includes shooting for the low quality hood magazine. All looks aint good looks. If the quality is bad, you don't wanna be involved. Learn the difference. Get online and see what good photography and quality publications look like.

4. Unwillingness To Do Promo

Taking photos and getting published is not the end. You must promote yourself. You must grab attention. This game is saturated. Flood the internet with your photos and profiles. Post ridiculously on twitter, FB and everywhere else. Submit to blogs such as, and Even McDonald's advertises. And they really don't need to. The Big Macs will still sell. But they spend millions to promote. You think you're better than McDonald's? Get out there and make NOISE.

6. The Jealous Boyfriend.

I don't care how much you love that fool. If you're REALLY….and I mean REALLY tryna make this happen for yourself, the jealous guy has to ride…or he has to die. Period point blank. Industry people couldn't give less than a fuck about how he feels, or your relationship drama, and If he's a problem, so are YOU. You will be tossed and someone else will take you place. You can't allow him to hinder you from conducting proper business. If he's THAT important to you, EXCLUDE him from any shoots, events or WHATEVER you do pertaining to the business of entertainment. He's part of your personal life. Don't bring him to work with you. ALSO, If you get into a relationship while in this business, don't let that destroy the work you have put in. We see plenty models with decent buzzes take "breaks" because they're with some new dude who disapproves of what they do, and since the girls want their relationship to work out, they fall back. Just keep in mind, if your relationship goes bad, you may have to start from scratch with your modeling career. The new girls come in the game DAILY.

7. Model Damagement. (management)

Honestly, in the Urban game there really is no reason to have a manager. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. These so-called agents can't do shit you can't do. There is a level where you may reach where you need one, and most models are NOT there. As a new model, most jobs wont be paid, Management will be pushing for payment in ALL situations because he wants his %, and you may lose some opportunities. He may also be an asshole and piss too many people off, and just like the jealous boyfriend, you will be tossed away WITH him/her. If you DO hire someone, make sure they can make REAL SHIT happen that you can't do on your own. They should NOT get paid monthly, and having them around should be more about being able to brag that you have one on deck.

8. General Unprofessionalism.

You don't have to be a diva to be unprofessional. Improve on your WORK ETHIC. Practice poses in front of the mirror if you must. Practice your facial expressions. Take self portraits and know what certain faces work for you. What they feel like even if you can't get to a mirror. This makes the work experience easier for all. Learn to take direction from the photographer, Be pleasant. Don't be a psycho. If you hired the photographer, be clear about what you need from the shoot. Don't waste anyone's time, including yours. Come ready to work. Don't go to the club the night before. Don't double book, or book to closely. Shoots take time. If there's a makeup artist, come with a CLEAN FACE. Bring foundation makeup for your complexion. (That ALWAYS helps!) Be ready to GO so it can get DONE in a timely manner.

9. Lack of Persistence and Consistency.

Let them know you exist. BLAST them. By all means no one is saying to stalk people, but failure to follow up with people is bad. You have to do whatever you must to stand out in the minds of industry people. Send plenty emails, photos, etc. Don't let them forget you. They are bombarded with so many requests, offers, emails, etc, yours may get lost in the pile. Don't let that happen. Don't take it personal if they don't respond immediately. You have to be persistent. Send more photos, another email. another FB message. another text. Whatever. If you really want it, they will often succumb and work with you. You'd be surprised. I'm speaking from experience. You also have to be consistent. Don't take too much time off. people will forget you. Got a mag or video feature? Cool! Get another one! Quickly!! Stay hot, don't let the buzz die down. keep shooting, keep auditioning. The buzz from one project should get you the next project. Let that cool off and you're a has-been.

10 Unwillingness to Network.

Think you gonna blow up chilling at home? Get your ass out of your house and attend industry events, be where the people are. Be where the models are. Get to know people, and get people knowing YOU. Networking is how most people WITHOUT talent make it. So you have the advantage if you have the talent plus the network. print cards up and pass them to important people. They will know you're serious. Business people have business CARDS. They will take you serious if you take yourself serious.

Every thing he said above is on point. I couldn't have said it better Myself. follow Marcus Aurelius on twitter @ marcus_kg_mag today


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