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Hey you guys, thanks  for  having patience with Me this week. I  have been under the weather and  trying to  keep it  together, I had a busier week than I'd had liked. I didn't get around to posting yesterday  because I was in pain  most of the day and then I spent the evening writing and typing up the  remainder of the story I was writing for you guys. I finished it and  got it up online  late last night and have been getting a lot of  good feedback on it so  far. Speaking of  feedback, let Me  say thank you early.  I  asked for you guys to start leaving comments again and  I  received 3 comments back to back to back. I appreciate it. This blog is a labor of love and I love  being able to  read your comments and feedback to let Me know what you think, what you would like to see or like more of and what I can do to make you  smile, happier and harder.

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                             "Your Tongue, My Ass, This Must Be Love"

" I need my ass ate" and  with one  click of a button I sent that message out via twitter, facebook  and yahoo messenger. It was a rainy Friday night and I was bored and  couldn't sleep.  It was almost midnight and for the last few  hours I had been fighting the most intense horniness. My mind kept traveling to  past sex acts and how  good they felt, I had even tried masturbating with my hitachi but that couldn't satisfy my urge. What I needed wasn't vibrating stimulation, it wasn't even penetration, what I needed was  wet and slippery, I was desperately craving a tongue in my butt. Actually I was  craving  a warm, wet  tongue all over me, especially in my ass and pussy. Masturbating had only made it worse, now my pussy was dripping and already revved up, there was no stopping my horniness now. I won't even  lie, I had to dip my fingers in the juicy wetness and steal a taste. All of this cream and juice couldn't go to waste, right?

I was sprawled out across my bed feeling naughty and wearing only a tiny purple thong. Tonight, I wouldn't fight this urge, I decided. Tonight I will get someone to bury their face all up in this plump round ass. I wanted my cheeks spread wide, warm wet tongue inserted deeply inside. I wanted to squirm, squeal and writhe in pleasure all over someones face, I just knew I couldn't sleep without it. I was intent on getting that feeling that only came from having my asshole rimmed.  I could hear My computer and phone going crazy, I was getting messages on all three websites plus texts direct to my phone. I turned back to the computer screen to check out my options.

I have  many lovers, the thing is no one man can satisfy me and I couldn't figure out who to call. If I called one of my regular lovers they would want to spend time and boo love and I wasn't in the mood. I wanted my ass and pussy ate, plain and simple. Broadcasting it online was the  quickest way to get a quick variety of available tongues and within a minute and a half of sending my booty s.o.s., there was so many guys screaming "let me" I didn't even know where to start. In state, out of state, around the globe hahaha I  could only laugh as I read through them all. My pussy was moist, nipples hard as I read the things described that these men wanted to do to me.

I took a break  from reading through my online  offers to  look through the  texts that were blowing up my phone. It was the usual cast of characters, Eric, who eats a great pussy  but pays barely no attention to my Mark, who gets to  eating and ten minutes later is always trying to find  away to steer it towards George, who is no good at all with his tongue but gets an A for effort hahaha and at least 5 other guys who were eager to assist although they held no appeal to me. I was feeling insatiable and none of them could meet my urges tonight.The comments coming at me online were so outrageous but I was  loving it. This one  guy was really getting my attention, he met most of the criteria  for a first time ass eater. And the  things he was saying to me, omg. I had  actually  touched myself twice while reading and re reading his messages.

I thought to myself " we might have a winner." He was local, we had never met in person before but we had talked online many times, in fact we had been talking online on and off for years. I sent him a private message with my phone number inside and told him to  text me. I continued to flirt  online with my second and third choice guys while waiting to see if he would contact me. He didn't leave me waiting long either, in almost no time my phone was going off. As soon as I saw the messages come in from an unknown number I immediately started imagining his tongue in my ass.  His messages were coming in back to back and were so intense "You want me to shove  my   tongue up your ass huh?' "I can eat you all night" "I'd love to  tongue fuck that pretty chocolate round ass" I was on fire and ready.

My pussy was wet now and I was like fuck twitter and those other two  dudes, this  guy was IT. He had my full attention now.  We had been flirting online forever but  I am always  so stand offish but I liked him, we never had any problem and now he had me wanting him. He seemed nice enough and he was talking all this  good shit. At this point I couldn't think of anything else except his tongue deep in me and my ass jiggling in his face.I texted him and  told him to  come take my thongs off with my teeth and sent him my address.

Excited, I  jumped out of bed and gave my room a once  over and started some r&b music while I lit a few candles.  I refilled my wine glass that was on the bedside table and looked myself over in the mirror. Even at midnight I looked gorgeous but I knew I couldn't meet him in just my thong. My body was so hot to me, I turned myself on. I was petite but  voluptuous in all the places that mattered. My  skin complexion was a smooth cocoa brown, I ran My hands along the curve of My body. I took notice of the way my hair was flowing over my shoulder and down my back. My hips begged to be traced by a tongue. Topless, I admired my perfect tear drop breasts with the hershey kiss nipples. I sat on the edge of my bed for what I thought was a moment and got lost in my thoughts of what was to come. Just as I got up to figure out what to put on I heard my  doorbell ring. I  reached in a nearby drawer and pulled out a knee length t-shirt and pulled it over my head as I went to let him in.   

I opened the door and smiled, he was taller than he looked in his pictures. Standing on my doorstep smiling and  looking like a chocolate bar he was a sight for horny eyes. He was darker than I but his skin was so smooth and even, his chocolate tone mesmerizing and to top it off he had the prettiest hazel eyes. My  pussy was  close to  flooding My tiny thong hidden beneath my tshirt. I stepped back and drank him in, my God this man was  fine. Remembering my  manners and trying to  regain my composure I  invited him in. " Hello Shawn" I motioned to him to come in "Hey pretty lady, you're looking nice." He stepped in and I closed the door behind him, smiling with both sets of lips. "It's about time we met," before I  could say anything else he had grabbed me and pulled me into a deep embrace. I melted in his arms, I had a feeling that this was going to be a good night.

When he  released his  hold on me I took his jacket and led him to  my  bedroom. "Make yourself comfortable" I motioned  for him to enter "would you like something to  drink?" I asked. His look answered the question before his mouth did but the answer out of his mouth was just as suggestive. He smiled and  his  voice lowered a little. " I'm thirsty all right but I  bet you can supply all the juices I need. I was caught off guard  but I must admit, his answer titillated me. I knew I was  blushing and didn't even know how to reply. I think  he could  tell that I was nervous, He sat on the edge of my bed and told me to come closer. " I won't bite you too hard, I promise" he patted his hands on the space next to him on the bed. "Erica, don't be worried, I'm a gentleman. If you changed your mind we don't have to do this. We can cuddle or watch a movie." I almost laughed out loud. I was nervous but I'd be damned if this sexy man was not about to get his face shiny up in my bedroom. I moved to join him on the bed.

Before I could climb on the bed he caught me by the  arm and pulled me in between his legs into his waiting  embrace. He felt  so good, body was strong, chest hard. I wondered if it was smooth or hairy as I ran My hand along his torso through his shirt.  His hands were moving up and down my body, under my t-shirt and gripping my ass cheeks. I  could feel his hands on the small of my back and steady  reaching up. A moan escaped my lips, I threw my head back in a mixture of passion and ecstasy. Before I could regain my composure I felt his hands grip my waist and he  pushed me  back a little, I was about to ask why when he fell to his knees on the floor in front of me. "You did invite me to take your  thongs off with my teeth didn't you?" He pushed my t-shirt above my hips and dipped his head to tug at the elastic waistband on My  thong. "If I can  get hem off with My teeth do I  get to taste the sweet treat you're hiding inside? He head dipped back to My waist. "You  smell so good. I can't wait to taste"  his words were low, barely audible, as he nibbled on My waist like and  traced the
outline of My thong.

My legs were  weak,  I could feel  them  buckling beneath me as his tongue took control of the lower half of my body. He  was running his tongue along my hips, along the hem of my panties, the inside of my thigh and every other place he could reach without  removing my thong. If he didn't pull them off soon the  would fall to the  floor themselves, I could  feel my orgasm building deep inside me, I was about to flood them any minute.  He must have been a mind reader, I swear just as I thought I wasn't going to make it through another lick, not  one more flicker of his tongue he scooped me up in his arms and laid me across the  bed. On my back and staring up at him I  could feel my body trembling. I watched him, drinking him in as he pulled his shirt over his head. Mmmm his chest was smooth, just how I like. "My God, you have such a nice chest" My words were almost whispers, My throat was so dry from moaning and panting through his seduction. He didn't say a word, just leaned down and pulled my t-shirt over my  head and in one fell swoop captured one of my hershey kiss nipples in his mouth.

This man was seductive, he touched me as if he had touched me before. He touched my  body as if someone had given him a  road map. His mouth was ravaging My  breasts, tiny nips and bites, flitting kisses and long licks. The varying motions were driving me wild. I writhed  underneath him in  unexpected pleasure beyond compare.  My body was on fire from within.  I was moist in my  most intimate area, nipples taut, goosebumps up and down  my skin. He was all over me and all I could do is take it and enjoy it.  His touch was  strong yet gentle, demanding but so giving, the way he touched me I couldn't believe this man had not been touching me for years. I ran my hands up through his dread locks, down  his back and anywhere else on that firm  body I could get my hands. I was tingling in areas I  forgot existed and he still hadn't removed my thong. Oh my God, this man, I could hear myself whimpering and moaning beneath him and him murmuring atop of me as his tongue explored my body.

In the middle of the bed, legs spread and raised I  almost felt as if I couldn't take any more. His tongue was trailing up and down the inside of my thighs, back and forth, stopping briefly to take tiny nips at my moist vagina through the crotch of my thong.  I was so disoriented and in a haze of  pure pleasure that I can't even begin to tell you how much time had passed when I felt him finally start pulling my  thongs down over my hips with his teeth. I raised my ass as he pulled them  down over the curve. I lie  before  him, naked and  panting; my body was  in an indescribable state of arousal. I was damn near shuddering at the thought of what he would  do to Me  next. he didn't  give much time to  ponder that  thought though and almost immediately I felt his tongue, it was cool and wet. My body was so hot, My pussy was swollen and on fire and his  tongue was cool and probing. It was  soft and gentle, inside the pussy folds of flesh that made up the lips on my vagina. His teeth caught hold of my  clit tenderly, he released it just as suddenly and  then started flicking it  with the tip of his tongue.

My moaning  grew louder, more audible. How I could hear it over the sound of  my heart racing I have no clue. So much was  going on in my head, My  head was swirling, body twisting and turning underneath his body. I felt him lift  off me for a moment, his body came up and his mouth was near my ear. " Are you  enjoying yourself Erica" I nodded, between the panting and shaking  thats all I could  do. " I love how you taste" he continued "Years, I've been waiting to  taste you. You kept me waiting so long. Damn you taste incredible" He gave me  no time to  reply. Before I could  regain enough composure his head was back between my legs and I was literally shaking all over and moaning  so loudly I wondered if my music was loud enough to drown me out. "Tell me how it feels baby. I want to hear you say  you're enjoying me. Tell me how you like it" His words were soft as he took turns between  seducing my ears with his words and my pussy  with his tongue.

Unexpectedly I felt his  hands  circle  my waist and he pulled me down to the end of the bed. I couldn't  argue or  complain. I could barely speak. Laid out on the  bed, naked, nipples fully erect and dripping  from my pussy to ass, I was  now positioned at the bottom of the bed where my lower half hung from the bed. He moved between my legs, wrapping them around his neck and dove  back in deep, head first, his tongue was probing yet oh so  pleasing.  My ass was  suspended in the air, he firmly gripped an ass cheek in each palm and  I could feel  him spreading my cheeks,, as he did so I felt my ass hole stretch and widen. I think he felt it too because  one of  his  fingers suddenly slid in between my ass crack and penetrated my asshole. I squealed a little but didn't ask him to stop. This  man  was a master at the art of satisfaction and I was his willing  student by this point. He could have done almost anything to me and I would have went alone with it.

He was  fingering my ass in rapid motion and  licking my  clitoris at the same time. I was sweating, in a puddle of my own  cum and shaking from head to  toe. "Bend over" his  voice was a  gruff command. I  slid to my knees on the floor unable to  pull myself erect so  suddenly. I pulled myself together  enough to crawl up and  bend over the  bed. My legs were wobbling,  top half of me bent over sprawled across the bed. Ass poked out in the air and cum  dripping  down my inner thigh I couldn't imagine what he was about to do to  me. He ate it so  good  from the front I was sure that he was tired , jaws ready to lock. He couldn't want to eat MORE pussy  could he?  I wiggled my ass teasingly, "You're not full yet?" I was  joking of course, I was the one who  could barely handle more.

He didn't reply, instead  I felt his  hand  come down on my ass hard. I felt the sting of the slap and it felt painfully good.  For good measure he slapped the other cheek.  I  screamed out loud, followed by a long, soft moan.His  hands  gripped the top of my ass cheeks,  one in  each hand I  felt him shaking my ass cheeks together, making them  clap. He  spread my ass cheeks wide and then I heard it....he hawk spit in My asshole and jiggled the cheeks together again. I was on  cloud nine,  You couldn't have told me I hadn't  died and  gone straight to heaven. I never  told him about  my love of being spit on  but  damn he had just hit the  nail right on the head.  I  was in a state of pure euphoria as he rubbed and smacked on my ass, the minute his tongue entered my asshole I knew that there was nothing  that could be more blissful than the  feeling  I was having at that exact moment. Ass cheeks spread wide with his hands, he forced his  tongue in to my ass aggressively. He was viciously tongue fucking my tiny tight asshole, my ass was up in the  air, shaking against his face. My juices were running down his chin. No words were exchanged, simply pleasure.

He rimmed my  hole and tongued my ass crack, his tongue touched every area of my ass he could reach, inside and out.  His tongue was playfully practicing a multitude of exercises in my asshole, it twirled and swirled, it flicked, it probed, it was the most amazing feeling I could remember having in so long. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more I felt his  finger again. It entered me and within minutes he was alternating between his finger and tongue deep in my asshole. My  pussy was frenzied, I was cumming over and over and  the juices were now running down both legs, I was drenched in  sweat, My legs weak. "You're a  nasty little  girl aren't you" he  didn't wait for a reply, instead he spread my ass cheeks wide and  hawk spit inside again. "I could eat you all night" and at the  rate he was going, if he didn't stop soon, he would be eating all night literally

"I want you to sit that  juicy ass and pussy on my  face now mami." He  got up of the floor and  lay  across the  bed on his back and motioned for me to climb on. I tried I really did,  I  mounted his face, straddled his chin and endured the first 5 minutes of intense fellatio. Gripped tight by my waist , he held me down on his face while his tongue was pushed deep, deep inside of me. My walls were gripping his tongue. I could feel it. I couldn't resist exploding and  came  so hard that I squirted  all over his face, all over the bed and his body. We were both now in  a puddle and drenched in sweat. I looked at Shawn and couldn't believe what  had just happened. I'm so sorry, omg I don't squirt  often. I wasn't expecting that. I'm so so sorry. He looked at me  and smiled and laughed  heartily.  "Got a towel"  he  chuckled. "How about I do  you one better", I  smiled naughtily " Have you  ever eaten ass in the shower?" I was ready for round two and  I  hope he was too.

(C) Sexy Sapphire 2013

I hope you enjoyed it and the new pics My love.  Let Me know and remember eat some ass, it makes a lady smile and cum too   Leave a comment ,let me know how you liked it. Enjoy your Saturday



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